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 Member's comments I found your site just few days before the exam. The well put studying material, and your keen knowledge of what to look for was right on target.  Dr. DH.........."This is the most practical and least expensive review I have seen. .... Kudos to the staff." Dr. JC ...........I AM A MEDICINE ROUNDER & ASSIST. PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE AND HAVE RECOMMENDED YOUR SITE TO THE PROGRAM AND MEDICINE RESIDENTS. GREAT SITE"..............Your web site and material provided was of great help in passing the exam. Dr. NA......."Your site is the best site for resident physicians and students". Dr. YH.........."Thank God - I just heard that I passed the ABIM exam. This was my second attempt. Your web site was very useful in passing the boards. It has a lot of valuable information........Thank you, I passed with a good score! Dr. Y........"I also did  quite well. and I PRAISE THE LORD FOR MY SUPERSCORE........."I also did well on my boards without taking any board review courses.  Your site was excellent!  Thank you ..." Dr. DJ..............."I passed the Board exam and I scored over 90th percentile. Your board review material was useful."........



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Since 1998 Superscore has built a strong global reputation among the high achievers. Recent additions and constant updating has led to a new high of members.

Our goal for advancement is adding questions every week which will make it the most focused & exhaustive resource for preparation - if it is not already so. Membership is currently Free. It is quoted to be the "most practical and least expensive" review. It also receives feedback such as "Excellent!!!"  & "enjoyed it immensely". Another member wrote to us  "This year I sat for the boards for the 7th time!! And this was the year I finally passed!! The difference was due in large part to the well-organized, succinctly pertinent content of the Superscore website". from its users which you may review before proceeding.

More important than knowing a lot is knowing the pertinent. The site helps you achieve this.

Its members come from more than 300 Institutions in 6 continents and the list keeps growing constantly. Thousands of doctors have used it and been extremely successful with it (Scores over 90 in many and passing well for those who had otherwise failed many times).

Its authors come from all over the United States and meet very specific criteria - one of which is scores above 90th percentile - so that the focus is on test preparation and not on information that is unnecessary from the patient and exam point of view. Its Chief Editor, G. Malhotra, MD, is a doctor who repeatedly scores in the 99th percentile on American  tests at a national level and was also a member of the champion team which won the National contest of medical knowledge (Doctors dilemma) sponsored by the  American College of Physicians  in 1998 in  San Diego, California - winning over all other American and Canadian teams. He is a Board Certified Internist who scored in the topmost bracket on the Internal Medicine Board Exams (ABIM).

It's the best website for test preparation and our testimonials come from users like you.

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The information in this Web site reflects the views of the authors only. It is meant only as a learning tool for exams.  All readers  should verify all information we provide before treating patients or attempting to use any therapies described. If you are in search of treatment, please consult your physician. This is not medical advice and should not be taken as a substitute to consulting with your physician. No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from Superscore. You may download and print the content only for your personal, non-commercial use.

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